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ZSE 7 August End of Day HRK
June 2020 - June 2019
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Cash Flow - Operations (Quarterly) 2020-062020-032019-122019-092019-06
Pretax Income76.48M105.94M34.31M169.21M163.71M
Depreciation & Amortization61.61M60.09M96.74M59.42M65.51M
(Increase) / Decrease in Inventories8.41M-90.74M54.37M42.85M-80.29M
(Increase) / Decrease in Accounts181.76M-65.88M112.75M-9.92M-175.62M
Increase / (Decrease) in Short-term Liabilities-114.97M109.78M-106.17M-89.76M174.10M
Interest Paid0.
Taxes Paid0.
Other Operating Activities-6.85M37.33M-11.71M26.01M-9.58M
Cash from Operating Activities184.28M134.94M155.79M179.75M96.01M
Cash Flow - Investing (Quarterly) 2020-062020-032019-122019-092019-06
Change in Fixed & Intangible Assets-49.41M-91.42M-58.27M-54.94M-34.34M
Disposal in Fixed & Intangible Assets-62.04K497.02K323.46K875.19K1.36M
Acquisition of Fixed & Intangible Assets-49.35M-91.92M-58.59M-55.82M-35.70M
Change in Long-term Investments735.38K-2.64M39.80K486.63K-470.22K
Other Investing Activities0.0029.49M85.54M-202.10K64.50M
Cash from Investing Activities-48.68M-64.57M27.31M-54.66M29.69M
Cash Flow - Financial (Quarterly) 2020-062020-032019-122019-092019-06
Dividends Paid0.000.00-93.00-106.60M0.00
Cash From (Repayment of) Debt83.11M49.55M-171.47M3.94M-76.52M
Cash From New Issuances0.
Financial Leases-20.97M-22.10M-22.17M-19.70M-19.60M
Share Buybacks-3.30M-7.73M-2.62M864.00-10.80M
Other Financing Activities0.
Cash from Financing Activities58.85M19.72M-196.27M-122.36M-106.92M
Change in Cash (Quarterly) 2020-062020-032019-122019-092019-06
Total Cash Flow194.45M90.10M-13.17M2.73M18.78M
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