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ZSE 1 June End of Day HRK
Date Type Description
2020-07-27ReportsFY 2020 Second Quarter Results
2020-06-15General AssemblyGeneral Assembly
2020-04-30ReportsFY 2019 Annual Results
2020-04-23ReportsFY 2020 First Quarter Results
2020-02-28ReportsFY 2019 Fourth Quarter Results
2019-07-24Dividend6.50 Dividend Payment Date
2019-07-01Dividend6.50 Dividend Record Date
2019-06-28Dividend6.50 Dividend Ex-Dividend Date
2019-05-21Dividend6.50 Dividend Announcement Date
2018-07-27Dividend5.00 Dividend Payment Date
2018-07-02Dividend5.00 Dividend Record Date
2018-06-29Dividend5.00 Dividend Ex-Dividend Date
2018-05-23Dividend5.00 Dividend Announcement Date
2017-07-26Dividend3.10 Dividend Payment Date
2017-06-29Dividend3.10 Dividend Record Date
2017-06-28Dividend3.10 Dividend Ex-Dividend Date
2017-05-19Dividend3.10 Dividend Announcement Date
2016-07-27Dividend2.58 Dividend Payment Date
2016-06-20Dividend2.58 Dividend Record Date
2016-06-17Dividend2.58 Dividend Ex-Dividend Date
2016-05-23Dividend2.58 Dividend Announcement Date
2010-07-23Dividend3.27 Dividend Payment Date
2010-06-23Dividend3.27 Dividend Record Date
2010-06-22Dividend3.27 Dividend Ex-Dividend Date
2010-05-24Dividend3.27 Dividend Announcement Date
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