Indices (Zagreb Stock Exchange) for 2 July, 2020
Symbol Name Price %Δ Daily %Δ YTD
ADRPR ADRIA Prime963.79+0.49%-13.11%
CBX CROBEX1628.48+0.84%-19.28%
CBXIN CROBEX Industrija734.64-0.65%-15.61%
CBXKO CROBEX Konstrukt486.10-0.18%+12.49%
CBXNU CROBEX Nutris605.22+1.68%-12.16%
CBXPL CROBEX Plus964.49+0.47%-13.01%
CBXPR CROBEX Prime952.00+1.08%-18.23%
CBXTR CROBEX Total Return1095.03+0.83%-18.79%
CBXTP CROBEX Transport750.130.00%0.00%
CBXTU CROBEX Turist2956.19+0.85%-14.48%
CBX10 CROBEX101013.34+0.62%-15.55%
C10TR CROBEX10 Total Return--0.00%0.00%
CBS CROBIS111.240.00%-3.76%
CBSTR CROBIS Total Return182.81+0.02%-2.33%
Top Movers
Symbol Name Price %Δ Daily
CBXNU CROBEX Nutris 605.22+1.68%
CBXPR CROBEX Prime 952.00+1.08%
CBXTU CROBEX Turist 2956.19+0.85%
CBX CROBEX 1628.48+0.84%
CBXTR CROBEX Total Return 1095.03+0.83%
CBXKO CROBEX Konstrukt 486.10-0.18%
CBXIN CROBEX Industrija 734.64-0.65%
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